How to wait on God - Part 1  by SADHU SUNDAR SELVARAJ

The theme of this conference is walking with God. So the Lord Jesus Christ told me to start the conference with that topic. Walking with God- whenever you hear this sentence walking with God, you will think of only one person in the entire bible. Nobody will think of anybody else. Genesis 5:22-24, And Enoch walked with God after he begot Methuselah. 300 years and he begot sons and daughters. And Enoch walked with God and he was not for God took him. And the bible tells us Enoch had a deep walk with God not when he was a single man, without any wife, without any children, without any family. This says, he began to walk with God after he became a Father and he had the wife to attend to, children to attend to. He had many sons and many daughters yet he developed and maintained a walk with God. Now what do we mean by this term walking with God? I did a little study and I came out with several different interpretations and translations from the various bibles that are in the market today. So let me run by you 4 different translations which I believe gives a very concise and accurate meaning to the word Walking with God. And Enoch walked habitually up and down been conversant with God. This is what is conveyed in the Hebrew language for the sentence Enoch walked with God. And the new Living translation bible says like this “And Enoch lived in close fellowship with God”. He enjoyed a close relationship with God throughout his life. The living Bible says like this “ And Enoch lived in fellowship with God and in constant touch with God”. And finally in amplified translation says “And Enoch walked in habitual fellowship with God”. Now we take all these various translations we put them together, this is my definition of the term, walking with God. Walking with God means, “It is the development and maintaining an intimate and knowledgeable experience with God on a consistent relationship”. Walking with God is the art of developing and maintaining an intimate knowledgeable experience with God on a consistent relationship. So, in a simple nutshell, it really means is this “walking with God is having a consistent constant fellowship” simple isn’t it? My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, it is the desire of your father in heaven that he comes and walk with you. It is his desire. But many people will say like this- it is also my desire to walk many of you want that to walk with God? And how many of you could not walk with God? I am sure many hands will go up. Walking with God as we understand it is not really what it really is When we read about Enoch walking with God. If you have a 5 minute devotion that is not called walking with God. Have you come across the devotional called walking with God? How many of you read the daily bread? You don’t? Oh My!! You must be great saints. I think I came to the wrong place. And there is another devotional called walking with God. I once came across the devotional, good as it is, they will have the scripture reading for the day, and then a little thought that will stir up your mind to think God’s word and then a passage of scripture for you to read and meditate and then a little thought, a thought provoking thought and may be a short little prayer and then how long is it going to take? 5 minutes ? and then you say AMEN and we have done our religious duty. And then we walk about wishing that God will talk to us face to face. Have you wish like that? Wishing will not take you anywhere. God is not a wishing well you know. Have you seen wishing wells? You go and stand beside a wishing well you drop a penny and you say, I wish the moon will be blue. That’s where they get the saying ‘Once in a blue moon’. It doesn’t work like that. I wish to see the Lord Jesus Christ face to face. How many of you have said that? I have good news for you. It doesn’t work like that. I wish I will see Angels of God. It doesn’t work like that. Let me state before we go any further. God does not satisfy curiosities. And neither is God an entertainer. He doesn’t entertain you with a visitation. He doesn’t do that. Don’t you think he has nothing else but that to do? Do you think that all the Angels have nothing else but that to do? They want to come and entertain you. Why? Heaven is a place full of activity every nano second. Don’t you ever think when you go up to heaven in the street by and by, and you see the beaches there with a harp in your hand and singing your way into eternity. Where in the world we got that theology from? When I was a newly born again and believer I attended a very good strong denominational church which taught very strongly on justification by faith, righteousness by faith and I remember been taught by my pastor that when we all get to heaven everyone of them will be given a harp. Have you heard that been taught? I am sure you have. How can you be a Christian without hearing about this? If you have never heard that you cannot be a Christian. How many of you all like to get saved tonight? So, everybody will be given a harp, you just sit by the wonderful paradise in the gardens and just sing your way to eternity. A boring life. Absolutely boring life. Fortunately the real heaven is not like that. The real heaven is a fun filled exciting place with action all the time. Not a single second of passive laziness in heaven. If the bible is written so clearly in Proverbs, ‘God hates the lazy bones’. How would he allow lazy bones in heaven? Have you ever thought for a moment? God does not violate his word. Do you all agree with me? So, if he does not violate his word, how can the word be overruled in heaven? Because the written word is the living word in heaven. If he is the living word there then how can he allow something that is contrary to his written word? So, something is wrong with our theology. So, let’s erase all that. Several years ago, I am sure you all heard of brother Kenneth Haggin. He has gone home to be with the Lord last year while we were having the conference the same time last year. Many many years ago, he received a visitation from the Lord Jesus Christ and the Lord gave him a beautiful revelation concerning the kingdom of demons. So, he was seeing the Lord Jesus Christ face to face just like how you see me standing before you and he could see the nailprints on the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. So there is no doubt that the enemy is impersonating the Lord Jesus Christ. The devil can impersonate the Lord Jesus Christ from head to toe except the marks and the wounds of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the only thing he cannot imitate. Everything else he can imitate to look exactly like the Lord Jesus Christ. That is why I always say please don’t run after visions and revelations. We establish on the word of God. If you are established on the word and the word will guide you. When the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him, the Lord was giving him this revelation and he looked at the Lord Jesus Christ and he said, I have never heard anything like this in all my life. You have to show me proof from the word of God. Although I am seeing you, I still want proof from the word. So, the Lord Jesus Christ just gently smiled. You know that is the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ which I have come to learn that gentle smile during those moment of times means ‘you stupid fool’. You know, sometimes its so funny how we behave before God. He is too kind to say those words but he just gently smiles. So, the next time you ever see the Lord Jesus smiling, ofcourse it always doesn’t mean that. If we ever ask a question and he smiles then you remember this. Anyway the Lord Jesus Christ has got such a sweet and beautiful smile you know. It is like a thousand pearls dazzling when he smiles. So, he smiled and said alright, I will give you 5 proofs from the word of God. And the Lord Jesus Christ gave him one by one all the scriptures and brother Kenneth Haggin looked at the Lord and he said, I have read those scriptures hundreds of times but never looked like this before. It is against my theology. And the Lord Jesus Christ told him ‘You need to change your theology’. It is not lining up. It is the truth as it is in heaven. You know we have many man made traditions and preconceived ideas. We make a box and we say this is the perimeter of our preconceived idea we think this is not of God. See, this was the problem when the revival breakout in Toronto. It was unheard of thing. Most of the people are criticizing it this is not of God. How do you know? We are so accustomed to see 7 colors in the world. But in heaven there are millions of colors we don’t even have names in the earth for the 8th color in heaven that is not on this earth. And we don’t have a name for it how to describe that color. You cannot describe it. Can you therefore say it is unbiblical? Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard. It has never entered into the mind of God. Note that, it has never entered into the mind of God. That means we have no prior knowledge of such a thing that is existing in heaven God has kept reserved for his children. He has kept and reserved for you when you step out. When you come out of this box, a beautiful world is waiting for us you know. When a woman carrying a baby, she carries for 9 months, the baby in the mother’s womb does not know the reality of the world outside. But if suppose the mother can talk to the baby and the baby can talk to the mother and the mother tells the baby, you know, you have a father and your father has one nose and 2 eyes and you got a little brother and you got a little sister and we have a blue car. Can the baby imagine all that mother is telling to her? She cannot. Probably the baby will tell the mother, Mommy you are lying. I don’t even know whether you really exists. That is what it is when we interpret things in heaven, this is the reason why many many precious saints of God were walking with God and have had their spiritual eyes opened, to see visions of Glory in the other world and have come back to tell it, share it with the body of Christ and the body of Christ shut them down. They said, this is not of God, this is not biblical, you are a heretic, you are a false prophet, stone him to death. So, as a result many of such saints they have kept all their secrets to themselves without sharing it to the body of Christ. Now who is there to lose? It is the body of Christ who lost precious precious gems that she could have inherited if she had maintained an open heart. You know the difference between unbiblical and extra biblical? They are different. Unbiblical means it is really unbiblical. That is simple to understand. Now, extra biblical is not unbiblical. It is biblical but is beyond what we know as it is in the bible. But they are not biblical. The ultimate text of extra biblical revelations is the spirit of God bearing witness with our spirit. That is the ultimate text. We have no other guide. So, don’t be locked within a box asking for everything where is written in the bible? If everything is written in the bible you need to carry a big truck to church every Sunday. Amen. You know the Apostle John himself has wrote clearly in the last chapter in the last verse, ‘If everything the Lord Jesus Christ did during his lifetime were written this world is not enough to contain all the books’. It is not an exaggeration you know. If they are going to write every single act that he did. But whatever we have in the 4 gospel is all sufficient for our salvation. Amen. All the 66 books we have in the bible are all sufficient for our salvation. Period. But that does not mean anything outside does not exists. That does not mean that. So keep an open heart. When you keep an open heart then heaven can talk to you. If you don’t keep an open heart then heaven is closed. And God will just talk to you within the 66 books which is not wrong but, then again even within the 66 books there are mysteries. They are deep mysteries you know. Every word of God is purified 7 times. It is written in the bible. What does that mean? If the word of God is pure, why should it purified 7 times? There are 7 deeper revelation in every word of God. Everytime you meditate the word you receive one revelation and you meditate deeper, you go another deeper level of meditation until you reach 7 levels of revelations in just one scripture. Can you imagine you start from Genesis 1:1 and you go to Revelation 22:21, by the time you reach the last verse in the book of Revelation you will be transfigured. ( No, this is not a joke. This is a guarantee. This is a guarantee. This is not a joke. This is a guarantee packed by heaven). I am telling you what the Jesus Christ said. If any believer will meditate verse by verse from the 1st book Genesis 1:1 and he meditate verse by verse until he reaches the last verse in the book of Revelation his soul will be so purified, his mind will be so transformed. He will be so filled with the Glory of God by the time you finish the last scripture. And the spirit and the bride say ‘Come’ you will be transfigured up. See, very aptly it is written, the spirit and the bride say ‘Come’. That is the final. The End right? The end when you reach there. There is no point living on this earth anymore. You know let me tell you one truth. You don’t have to wait until the rapture to be caught. You can be transfigured and translated even before the rapture. You believe that? I am surprised! I personally know of a few saints who have been translated, never tasted death and been transfigured and translated to do something greater for the God’s kingdom. They are still alive and is still talking place in this 21st century. Now when we walk with God he will come to walk with us. If you read James 4:8, it is written, ’Draw nigh unto God and he will draw nigh unto you’. How many of you prayed ‘Lord I need a touch from heaven’? Have you prayed like that? Tonight let me tell you please stop praying like that. Because the scripture says, ‘Draw nigh unto God’. You draw close to God and he will draw close to you. It does not say, you pray and God come close to you. It doesn’t say like that. Now you know why you are missing it. Where are we going wrong? Why we are praying for ages and ages and you are not getting a breakthrough in your Christian life? Because we have got all out mathematics wrong. About 15 years ago, a lady came to me crying, this woman was about 45 years old. It was a youth conference I was picking in and it was about 300 young people were baptized by the holy spirit. They were marvelously speaking in unknown tongues and dancing in the Spirit, singing in the spirit without a single hand laid on any one of them. I saw the heavens opened before me and all I did was declared to the people what I was seeing in the spirit. As soon as the heavens were opened I saw the holy spirit like a dove flying down. The minute he came down upon the congregation, everyone who stood up to receive the baptism of the holy spirit were filled in the holy spirit instantly and they all began to speak with unknown tongues. And as this was going on hundreds of Angels came down from heaven and they grab hold on each person and the Angels began to dance. When the Angels danced, the people whom the Angels are holding they all began to dance. Now they did not know why they are were moving their hands, moving their feet and they were dancing but I saw the entire event in a vision. The Angels of God were there. So, when it happened, After the event, the woman who saw all this event came to see me and she was crying. She said, God is so unfair. I say, why? For 30 years I am seeking the baptism of the holy spirit and he is not giving it to me. But to this kids he just giving it to them just like that. God is so unfair and burst crying and crying. I looked at her, I said, my dear sister give me your hand. I held her hand. As soon as I held her hand, the Holy Spirit showed me what is in her heart and I told her, there is unbelief in her heart and you feel so unworthy to receive the Holy Spirit. Am I correct? Her eyes went wild. She said Yes. This is what keeping your blessed Holy Spirit from coming upon you. Do you want those kids are having? She said Yes. Ok. You do one thing. Repent right now of all this self pity. You know, Self pity is a sin. Self pity is a sin. This is what the Lord Jesus Christ told me, Self pity is a sin. If you are wallowing in Self pity note today, you are living a sinful life. Repent your Self pity before you move on with God. So she repented. I said, Right now you will receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and I just laid hands on her forehead, she started speaking in unknown tongues. What she was not able to receive for 30 years, she just received in 3 minutes. She received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. See, God does not withhold any of his gifts from his children. He is a good father. If you been evil know how to give good gifts un to your children, how much more will your good father give good gifts un to them who ask? Never forget these 3 words. ‘How much more’. Remember that. Don’t ever forget that in your life. How much more will God freely give? He does not hold back. He freely give. So, the number one cardinal law to walk with God is not praying that God will touch you but you take the 1st step to draw nigh unto God. Now, if you read Genesis 3:8and Job 7: 17-18, there it shows a great desire of God to talk with man. So, everyday the cool of the morning, God comes to the garden and he and Adam had wonderful sweet relationship. I was once meditating the scripture, what is man that thou art mindful of him thou visits him every morning. I was meditating the scripture very deeply for a long long time and a question arose in my heart. How did Adam and God had a relationship? As I just pondered this question in my heart, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, I will now show you. When he said that my spiritual eyes are opened and I saw a vision of the Garden of Eden. And Adam was walking by the Garden and he came and stood by a fruit tree not knowing what this fruit and he was just admiring the beauty of the fruit and he just thought in his heart, I wonder what fruit is this fruit? As he wondered, God came and stood by his side. And God said, You know, how I made this fruit and inturn giving him a lesson on biology the making of that fruit. What are the vitamins that consists in that fruit? What benefits he will get if he eats that fruit and everyday that is how God taught him all things. Everyday they had an appointment. This is where we are missing the mark. We only choose to come to God when we are free. When we have nothing else but that to do. And at all other times we give a very good excuse to God saying, I am very busy, please don’t bother me now or we just rush through prayer giving no time to wait on God and then we always kneel down and pray this hypocritical prayer. Lord how I wish I need a touch from you and then we sing the song ‘ to get a touch from God is so real’. Our whole Christian life is one big hypocrisy. You want to say you became into that? Just be honest. Don’t have to put on a mask. Just be real. Let us be honest. One big hypocrisy but at the same time we are also sincere people. We are sincerely desiring. One part of us desires. Another part of us does not know how to give the time. Does not know how to make the time. It does not know. So, in our limited knowledge we are trying to seek God the best as we could. That is why many times in God’s great kindness and grace he blesses us abundantly out of his grace. But let us learn to draw near unto God. Now, how can we practice or develop a walk with God? There are 5 ways how we can develop a walk with God. Firstly, we must learn how to built a fellowship, a communion with God. Secondly, we must learn how to properly learn the art of meditating the word of God. Thirdly, we must learn the art of waiting on God. Fourthly, we must have a life of holiness and Fifthly, we must live a life of obedience. This 5 elements composes together walking with God. Firstly, let us look at the 1st point ‘Fellowship with God’. How can we develop and maintain a habitual fellowship with God. This is the primary foundation. Fellowshipping with God. You know prayer as we know as it is today was not how it was in the beginning. Before sin came, prayer as we know today was not how it was then. Then it was, what is called a communion, a fellowship. 2 friends sitting down under a tree, by the river just talking stories everything under the sun. That is what is communion. That is what fellowship is all about. Today we have so many jargons, prayer formulas. The ABCs of prayer, DEFs of prayer, XYZ of prayer and all that. Very sadly most of the books of prayer are written by people who don’t pray. I am sorry to say this but his is the truth. You go to market, to the Christian market, to buy on how to build a church. 95% of the them were written by people who have never even started a single church. You cannot build on another man’s foundation and you cannot duplicate methods. You can duplicate principles but you cannot duplicate methods. It will not work. A method is made according to the person’s personality. If you try to copy that it will not work for you. Because that is not your personality. However you can learn the principles that they use and adopt it according to your personality and you come up with a methods. That best suits you and that is an avenue whereby you can walk with God and touch God. In the beginning Adam and Eve, they have a sweet communion, fellowship with God. Just talking, no agendas, no formulas. Then sin came. Man did not know how to reach God. There was a barrier. So, God instituted sacrifices through which they could talk with him. So they did not know how to talk with God, either so they will bring dove, sheep, ram, bull and they offer it. So, that was how they were able to touch God. From the time of Moses, all the way to time of Lord Jesus Christ, that is how people talked with God. So, every now and then a prophet will rise up who was trained by God in communion in the deserts like Elijah, Elisha, Enoch, Noah were it is written they walked with God. They learned to communion with God. Then, when the Lord Jesus Christ came he began to teach the people the correct way of getting back into a relationship with God. Now, if you read Matthew 14:23, it is written that the Lord Jesus Christ continues a long while in prayer. And Luke 6:12 says, that he continued all night in prayer. Now, what does it mean? That the Lord Jesus Christ continuing all night in prayer. As much as you try as sincerely as you could, you pray all things you need to pray, when you open your eyes only 3 minutes have passed by. Have you been there? I was there once upon a time. My pastor, when I was born again, was a wonderful manof God. He was teaching our new believers class for the importance of prayer. So he taught us to talk with God and pray. So, excited as I was, I got up early in the morning, (went to school) I was in high school at that time. So, I began to pray talked all that I knew, how to talk to God. And when I was so happy, I opened my eyes and I saw to my great shock, only one minute has passed. That cannot be true. How can it be true? I thought I was praying for an hour only to realize only one minute has passed by. Alright, I decided to do the next day a longer prayer list. So, the next day I prayed longer and longer and longer. Surely 3 hours have passed by. I opened my eyes. 1.5 minutes. What is our problem. I am sure we all had been there right? That’s why the Lord has been given us the blessed Holy Spirit. We do not know how to pray. You see, we are thinking, talk to God is only to make our requests known to him. So, when we make all our requests known to him what is there to talk? Nothing else. You prayed for Mary, You prayed for Martha, You prayed for Luke, you prayed for Matthew, You prayed for pastor sweet, You prayed for his wife Malinda, you prayed for everybody else in the church you know. 3 minutes have passed by. We do not know anything else beyond. I used to wonder how the Lord Jesus Christ spend hours in prayer? Have you ever wondered that? Whole night in prayer. So I was praying for a long time for many years that the Lord Jesus Christ will give me an understanding how he used to pray for hours and hours in prayer so that I could come and share with the body of Christ. This is the way to do it. So, one day as I was waiting on God, the Holy Spirit came and told me, Today I will reveal to you how the Lord Jesus Christ spend hours in prayer. As soon as he said that, I saw a vision opened before me. It was past evening time when the sun was about to set and I saw the Lord Jesus Christ standing away all his disciples and he climbed up a hill and he climbed up until it became dark to a secluded spot in a high mountain and he knelt down. He took a shawl like what I am having on my shoulder wrapped around his head. That’s how all Jews pray right? And he knelt down beside a rock. And he opened his heart and he began to talk to the Father all the events that took place that day from the morning, the 1st day that he started to work upto the evening, every person that he met, every word that he spoke, every miracle that he performed, he just spoke with the Father. So, as he was speaking with the Father God, I saw a cloud from heaven, it came down like a bodily form of a person and stood by the side of the Lord Jesus Christ. And the Father God was listening to his prayers. And every now and then a voice came from the cloud saying, ‘I am well pleased with you my son, I am well pleased with you’. So by the time the Lord Jesus Christ finished saying everything it was about 3’o clock in the morning and then the Father will speak to him. This morning I want you to go to the pool of Bethesda, there you will find many many sick people. Among the many sick people, there is one man lying there 38 years paralyzed, Go and heal him and set him free. That is why the Lord Jesus Christ always said, I do only those things that I see my Father doing. And when I saw that vision I understood, why the Lord Jesus Christ said that I only do those things that which my Father tells me to do. Nothing more nothing less. So, that is how the Lord Jesus communed with the Father. Try practicing it tonight. You kneel down and say, Father, we went to this church in Lancaster, A strange looking Indian preacher came, we have never seen anyone dressed like him, you can go and describing how handsome I looked like to God you know. And he will be thrilled to hear that. And probable he will tell, is it so? I didn’t think he was that handsome. ·And if you read Mark 1:35, it is written, a great while before day Jesus Christ got up to go and pray. What does it mean a great while before day? Sun rises usually about what time? 6.30 or 6 o clock. Ok. Let us say 6’o clock is the sunrise. A great while means what? 3’o clock. Let us presume 3’o clock. So, that was his regular prayer time. Now I tell you a truth tonight. I cannot prove to you black and white scripture for scripture. Do you believe what I am going to say? There is something mysterious about getting up 3’o clock in the morning to pray. I cannot prove to you but it is a simple truth that I have learned from the Angels and from heaven and I am declaring it to you. There is something heavenly about 3’o clock in the morning. And that is about the time the Lord Jesus Christ kneels down to pray. A great while before day. I know many people love to get up great while before day and spend time with God. But you may have realized, in the reality that the spirit is willing… Have you been there? I have been there. So can identify with you. When I 1st learned this truth I was fired up. I wanted to adopt it and make it a practice. So I kept my alarm at 3’o clock in the morning. As soon as the alarm rings, I opened my one eye to see where the clock is and just beat the buzzer and go back to sleep again. Have you been there? You see, I am no greater than you. We are the same. So, several day s pass by and I would do the same thing and eventually when I got up in the morning I will fell so condemned, so rotten that I have missed it, blew it and then I repent. Lord please forgive me, I blew it. Tomorrow I will make sure Lord I will not fail you. Tomorrow I will repent again. And it went on for several days. One day, I set down a thought, this cannot go on like this, this cannot go on. I must do something about it. So the following day, after about 6 or 7 days, when the alarm rang, I forced myself to get up and then I went to the bathroom, washed my face with cold water, brushed my teeth clean, so that you don’t smell, and had a good cup of tea. And then knelt down to pray. Don’t sit down. See, the devil knows your favorite position of prayer. Don’t sit down. You know your weakness. So why give into your weakness? So if you want to beat it, you must do something against it. So I knelt down and began to worship God for one hour as loud as everybody in my house can hear me. Then I read the bible loudly for another one hour. Then I began to pray for all the needs, I have to pray for everybody that I know of. So 2 and a half hour passed by. So the other half an hour is for me to listen to God. So I prayed, ‘Lord, I spent 2 and a half hours with you. And if you can feel my body, my knees are all painful. So be kind and gracious to speak to me’. So I closed my eyes. No voice. So, I said, Lord, you are too busy tonight. Amen. But I want the victory. So, I maintained this discipline for 7 days. You know, medical science tells us our human body will take 7 days to adjust to something of a new routine. So, if you maintain something for 7 days, from the 8th day onwards, it will become a practice for your body. You don’t need an alarm clock anymore. Because your body will be phycho conditioned to adjust to that routine. So, automatically you will get up at 3’o clock in the morning whether you like it or you don’t like it. So, it is possible to build a discipline. But the 1st 7 days will be trying period. Because I have gone through that. But when you develop this walk, it leads into deeper rems of relationships and fellowships not only with Jesus Christ but with the Godhead. You know we are only accustomed to talk with God. But the bible tells us in 1 John 1:3, our fellowship is with the Father, and with his son Jesus Christ. He didn’t say our fellowship with God. Period. Our fellowship is with the Father and with his son Jesus Christ. 2 Corinthians 13:14 says, if Paul breaks up 3 levels of blessings he broke up to means we can receive impartations and blessings from Godhead. When you learn to walk with Godhead you can receive this 3 levels of impartations. We can fellowship with God, talk with God and God can talk back with you. You read in Exodus 19: 16-19, how, when God spoke with the children of Israel. They heard the sound of God, the Father in thunders and lightning’s. In John 12:28-29, when the Father spoke with the Lord Jesus Christ everybody else heard the voice of God as it thundered. And the bible says in Amos 3:8, that God growls like a Lion. So, it is a very very thunderous voice. To date, 4 times I have heard the voice of God, the Father speaking. And each time its exactly like how it is mentioned in the bible like a loud peeling thunder coming all the way from a remote place in heaven. It is very real. You can actually stands in a place coming far away from a place in heaven and it thunders and roars through the entire universe into your spirit. And every time I hear God speaking, I always quake and tremble life a leaf. Such a power, such an authority there is in the voice of God the Father. And you can fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Acts 23:11 tells us, Apostle Paul continuously had visitations from the Lord Jesus Christ and he had sweet communion with the Lord Jesus Christ. Now the Lord Jesus Christ can also speak to us individually. Many times that which we claim that the Lord Jesus Christ speaks to us is not the Lord Jesus speaks to us. It is the Holy Spirit speaks to us. That may I explain to you so that you can see and differentiate and realize who has been speaking with you. When the Lord Jesus Christ speaks, Revelation 1:10,15 says, the voice of Jesus Christ is so melodious with a sound of an orchestra and like the sound of moving waters mixed together. When I first heard the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ in August 1983, that is how I heard, a loud voice and there was music in the voice and there was sound of running waters and a clear distinct voice. Sweet, very sweet and melodious, not of frightening like the Father’s voice, very gentle like a friend, he talks to us. And all the time when the Lord Jesus Christ speaks, it’s a loud audible voice that you hear with your ear like how you are hearing my voice talking to you right now. Now, you can fellowship with the Holy Spirit. In Philippines 2:1, it is written, we can fellowship with the Holy Spirit And when you fellowship with the Holy Spirit he has his own distinct voice. 1 Kings 19:12 says, it is the still small voice that you hear deep in your spirit. Now, do know who is that speaking with you all these time? Ofcourse it is the Lord Jesus Christ. Because the bible says in Acts 1:2, after his resurrection the Lord Jesus Christ spoke to the disciples through the Holy Spirit. See, now the natural ears cannot hear the resurrected living Christ. So, the Holy Spirit is like the filter, the middleman who translates heavenly language into our understandable earthly language. Now let me go a step further to tell you. Go or Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit do not speak English. Are you disappointed? They always speak the Indian Language. Of course you know that is not true.. Now, what language does God speak? God speaks in his own heavenly language. Then how is that we are hearing it in English? The Holy Spirit translates for us to understand in the language that we know. But when Jesus Christ stands before or the Holy Spirit stands before you, they are speaking in the heavenly language but, when we understand it, he translates it to us in our own known language. That is why a person who is a Chinese hears in the Chinese language and Indians in their Indian language, English hear it in English, French hear it in French. God doesn’t speak all languages. He speaks one language. That’s is the language we all speak when we go to heaven. One language. That is the language Adam spoke with God before sin came. Adam did not speak Hebrew or Greek. All the languages that we know today are born after the tower of Babel. Before the tower of Babel, there was on language. One universal language that everybody spoke. That is the language the Lord speaks. So, the 1st way to build a relationship with God, to walk with God is to build a fellowship with God. Secondly, we need to learn how to fellowship and feast on the word of God. John 14: 21-23 says, If anybody loves me, he will keep my word, practice it and I will manifest myself to him. Now we will meditate this deeply with another session. Thirdly, we can walk with God by waiting on God. If you read Habakkuk 2:1, it is written, I will wait in God to hear what he will speak to me. If you want to hear the voice of God speaking to you, you want to see the Lord Jesus Christ face to face, you want to be translated like Apostle Paul to see the glories of heaven, you must learn how to wait on God. This we will cover in greater depth in another one of the session. Fourthly, to walk with God means, to live a life of holiness. Amos 3:3 says, how can two walk together if they do not agree? So, how can you walk with God if you don’t agree with his standards. It is written, without holiness it is impossible to see God. If there is no holiness in our hearts, no matter even if you fast for 365 days you will still not see God. Because sin is blocking your prayers from going unto God. You have been wasting your time. Isaiah 59:2 says, your sins have come between you and your God that he cannot see you or hear you. What we need is not many more religious practices, what we need is to tear our hearts and walk the walk that God wants. I promise you right now that this is guaranteed. I don’t have to say money back guarantee. This I guarantee to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The day you walk in the holiness, very next nanoseconds, you will see the Lord Jesus Christ is standing right before your eyes. Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God. Amen. Its written very clearly. You don’t need more than that. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. So, if your heart is pure, when your hands are clean, when your mind is clean, you will see the Lord Jesus Christ standing right before your eyes. You don’t have to struggle in prayer. You don’t have to fast. The Lord Jesus Christ is there. Noah walking with God and Enoch walking with God, the difference is this. One man Enoch had a deep relationship with God. That is how he walked. Whereas Noah lived a very righteous life. He tried always to conduct his affairs according to God’s will. He was practicing what Amos 3:3 says, He aligned his life to measure up to the righteous holy standards of God. So, when he measured up, he aligned himself he was walking with God. How can two walk together if they do not agree? So, in what are we should agree with God? No.1: Walk before God with a perfect heart. Genesis 17:1 says, walk before God with blamelessness. 1 Thessalonians 3:14 says, walk before God in holiness. 1 Peter 1: 15-16. These are the 4 areas how you can walk before God in a righteous lifestyle. It is not difficult. It is never never difficult. We think it is difficult but it is not difficult. Fifthly, the obedient life. If you want to walk with God, you must be willing to obey what God tells you to do. You don’t pick and choose. That is our problem you know. We pick and choose what we like. That which hurts our flesh, we say that is not of God. I don’t bear witness with that. That is a charismatic cliché everyone is using today. Why they don’t bear witness because it pinches their flesh. It is not that you don’t bear witness. You know it is truth. You choose not to agree because it pinches your flesh. The bible says in Psalms 40:8, concerning the Lord Jesus Christ, ”Behold, I come to do your will”. The Lord Jesus Christ purpose on this earth was to do the will of God. In John 6:38, he says it very clearly. I have come to do the will of God. When you live a life of obedience, no matter what it is, whether you like it or don’t like it, you know obedience is not doing those things that you like to do. What obedience is there for you to do those things that you like? Obedience is doing those things that you don’t like. You obey. Look at Abraham, do you think that he love to sacrifice his son? Do you think that he will like to do? No, but he obeyed. In the month of July, I was in Tibet ministering to the Tibetan believers. One evening there was a mighty presence of God came down to bless all the Tibetan believers who gathered there and I saw the Lord Jesus Christ standing before me and he said, Now I am going to tell you secrets about each and every one of them, about their future, about their present and how I am going to bless them. You tell them everything that I will speak to you. I said, Alright Lord. He went and stood beside a person, everyone of them, he just turned and looked at me and he said now speak the words. All the 25 of them who gathered there. After giving a word for everyone of those believers the Lord Jesus Christ then looked at me and he smiled, a gentle sweet smile (No. this is not the stupid fool smile. See, I can read your mind you know. See, don’t make the other mistake by dumping every smile as a stupid smile. Don’t do that. He always has a sweet gentle smile). The very next second I saw the Lord Jesus Christ in the heavenlies, beautiful glorious heavenlies and he was surrounded by the ceraphims. Two wings covered their feet, two wings they stretch over like a canopy over the Lord Jesus Christ, two wings stretch out ready to fly. And the Lord Jesus Christ looked at me and he spoke something concerning the future of what was going to happen in Tibet and what was going to happen in the church of the Tibetans. And I spoke to all the believers whatever the Lord Jesus Christ was showing me of things that was going to come to pass. And then deep down in my heart I had the prayer. See, God has called me to set up a 24 hours TV station in India to fulfill a very important end time purpose. So, deep down in my heart I had a concern that in time to fulfill that I should not miss doing God’s other will for my life. Like, my first call is to evangelize the Tibetan people. That is my first call. So I was always praying a deep concern in the bottom pit of my heart that I should no way miss doing God’s first call by getting too busy with other things. So, the Lord Jesus Christ knowing all the things in our heart, he just looked at me and his eyes you know, The Lord Jesus Christ eyes are beautiful sea blue eyes and when he looks at you it just pierces through your spirit, your soul, your body. It just goes through your whole soul. He looked at me and said, I have the confidence that you will always obey what I tell you to do and if you continue to remain obedient to do my perfect will for your life. I will give you places to walk among these who standby. When the Lord Jesus spoke those words he just stretched out his hands like that and there was a vast space of emptiness and from the left corner of the place that Jesus Christ was standing Moses walked in, Jeremiah the prophet walked in, then Elijah, Elisha, the Apostle Paul and Peter and the Saint Sadhu Sundar Singh and Smith Wigglesworth was walked in. They came and stood by the side of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Lord Jesus said, these are the saints, I will give you a place among them if you will continue to be obedient to do my work. You see, this is what is written in Zechariah 3:5-8, when you walk the life of obedience heaven is your home. Amen. The distinction between heaven and earth disappears. There is no more distinction. You know there is only one church right? Hebrews 12 says, we have come before the general assembly unto Mount Zion unto the church of the first born. There is one church. Compose of the saints up in heaven and the saints on this earth waiting for the union of the two. Heaven and earth must become one. That is why the Lord Jesus Christ taught us to pray ‘Let thy will that is in heaven be done on earth’. When that is done the fine thin line between this two rems will disappear. My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, When you walk with God, you become God’s friend. Amen. Do you like that? The bible calls Abraham – the friend of God. In James 2:23 says that. Now what does it mean to be a friend of God? If you read Exodus 33:9-11 it is written. God spoke with Moses as a friend would speak with a friend. What does that mean? Which means the demarcation lines of protocol do not exists. They don’t exists within friends. Friends call by their first names right? They don’t call Mr Pastor Sweet. They may call Joe. That’s how friends call each other by the first name. So that is the relationship in which Moses walked with God. The boundaries of protocol were not there. Let me give you a proof. If you read Numbers 12: 6-8, God tells to Miriam and Aaron, if there is a prophet among you, I will speak to him through visions and dreams. That is spiritual protocol how God speaks with his people. No one has any right to say this is how God should speak. Who are we? A creation of dust to say to the creator how he should talk to you. You know many people, they will say, if somebody says an Angel came to talk to me, that is unbiblical they will say only Jesus Christ should talk. Who are you to say that? God has a government and administration system how he talks and communicates. Even the small little Angels you see. Gabriel won’t come and talk to you. He has a protocol. Would President Bush come and talk to you? Can you go up just walk into the white house and say I like to talk to my president? They will kick you out. They wouldn’t even ask do you have an appointment. They wouldn’t even ask you that. But, if a head of states visits United States of America they have access to the white house because of the ranking – the equal rank. Can you understand the protocol now? So, God tells the two of them, if there is a prophet among you I will speak to him through visions and dreams but, my friend Moses is not like that. He is my friend. I will talk to him face to face. You see, God sets a distinction. If you become a friend, then the demarcation line, they don’t exist anymore. God speaks to you as a friend all the time. All the time. And not only God speaks to you but the bible says God will even share secrets with you. In John 15:15 it is written, henceforth I call you no more as brothers but I call you as friends. Henceforth I I do not speak to you in darkness. I will now speak to you plainly as friends speak with friends. You see there was a relationship as the disciples were just disciples. But at this point in John 15:15, the Lord Jesus Christ calls them to an intimate closer relationship called Friends. He says, from now onwards I will speak to you plainly. That is the relationship God calls you when you become a friend. God shares many many secrets with you. Let me give you a few biblical examples. To Abraham his friend, God came and shared the secrets of nations, judgment that were going to come. Genesis 18:17 he says, shall I hide anything from my friend Abraham and began to reveal to him. And to the prophet Daniel, secrets of the end times were revealed. You can read about that in Daniel 7:12. And to the Apostle John, secrets of all the beauties in heaven and of the end times were revealed to him. In Revelation 1:22, what I am going to share next with you may sound a little controversial but if you believe me to be a true person accept it as face value. To the prophet Enoch, now we read in the bible, Enoch walked with God for 300 years. What did he walk with God? What did God speak with him? What did God reveal with him? We have no records in the bible about all that except one little scripture in the book of Jude in Jude 1: 14-15, it is written Enoch saw the 2nd coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and the end time judgment of God. That is only one scripture mentioned in the bible. Now if you have a bible that has commentaries and there will be a footnote there in the bible which says, this scripture was not found in the original manuscripts of the bible, but those two verses were a quotation from a extra biblical book called ‘The book of Enoch’. So the book of Enoch is a collection of all this revelations that God has given to Enoch over the 300 years Enoch walked with God. Before this conference here, the 1st week of this month we were having a conference in St.Louis and my dear friend Pastor Leonard Baba is sitting there with his wife. He was our host who organized this conference. On the last day of the conference I was scheduled to speak in the afternoon session. So, I was waiting on God what I should go and speak to the people. And the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me and said, Go and teach today God reveals secrets for intercession. Then he gave an entire outline of what I should speak and then he said, before the floods came at Noah’s time that secret was revealed to Enoch and Enoch interceded. As a result of his intercession, there was a righteous man called Noah. So at everybody else – at the back of my head I have a question where it is written in the bible the secret was revealed to Enoch? You will never read anywhere it is written in the bible. As I pondered, the Lord Jesus Christ looked at me and said, Go and read the Book of Enoch and you will find it mentioned there. Now, this is Jesus Christ, I am seeing him standing before me and he said, Go and read the Book of Enoch. So, where to go and find the book of Enoch? Thank God for the World wide web. So I went to and typed Book of Enoch and many many pages were opened up. So I selected one particular book and I spent 2 hours reading 106 chapters in the Book of Enoch and there I found mentioned, and the deluge that came upon the face of the earth was revealed to Enoch. See, when you walk with God, God reveals to you secrets and to Enoch he was specially blessed with many many secrets about the universe. My dearly beloved brothers and Sisters, there are many many things God desires to share it with you. It is for this purpose he made you to share his secrets with you. And when you begin to walk with him, he will put his arms around you or take you by his hand and say, ‘Come with me, Let us go for a walk’. That is what he did with Enoch. They go for a walk, they will stand before the heavenly system and all the stars would come one by one before Enoch and an Angel of the Lord will explain him. This star is called Orion, this is how it was made and the composition, these are the beans driving on the planet, bla..bla..blah… I am really tempted to go deeper but I am afraid how much you can accept really? My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, planet earth is not the only planet that has got beans on this earth. However planet earth is the only planet that is conducive to life as we know it to be here today. And there are many more powerful Angelic beans that inhabit other worlds. For example, the Cherubim you read in the bible, the 24 elders that you read in the bible, who do you think they are composed of? Theologians will tell you, 12 of them composed of old testament patriarchs and 12 are the New Testament Apostles. Have you heard that? Ok. Let us suppose that is correct, then how could John see himself up there? If John is one of the other 12, he was taken upto heaven and how could he see himself seated at as an elder in heaven? I will tell you a truth tonight. The 24 elders are not human elders as you think as it is. They are powerful Angelic beans. Powerful Angelic beans- it won’t have a better word to describe them. When the Apostle John and the prophet Ezekiel saw the Cherubim, they described it like this. It looks like an eagle, looks like a Lion, looks like an Ox, and looks like a man. See, pay attention to the word they use- Looks like. They did not say it is a Lion. When you see things that you have never seen or known before, you have no knowledge how to describe something that you have no comparison to on earth. I have personally by the grace of God seen the Cherubim. When I saw, I just saw, I do not know how to describe them but, if I would describe them, I would do it exactly like John had described them. It looked like a Lion. It looked like a flying eagle. Can you imagine 4 head. They are not 4 head but they are 1 head. Can you imagine? I am surprised that you can imagine. You are really great saints. Why do you need to go to heaven when you already know everything? You don’t need to go to heaven anymore. My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, marvelous secrets God is waiting to reveal all his children. You know when I was young in great school or in High school I was very fascinated with astronomy or medicine. I wanted to actually become a neuro surgeon. It was my ambition and astronomy was my childhood desire. But when the Lord called me to the ministry I felt that I was sacrificing all the desires. But in the last 25 years of my walk with God, the Lord has taken me to the universe, shown me how the planet Saturn actually look like even before NASA ever produced a single picture of how the planet Saturn in all the rings around it looks like. I went this close before the planet Saturn and I saw all the rings. They were not rings. They were small small particles of rocks that were around the planet that look like rings. I was so fascinated when I saw that, very thrilled and happy that God was fulfilling my little desires. One of the marvels in the universe that astounds all scientists till today is the black hole. Last year I was taken right to the tip of the black hole and the Lord Jesus Christ gave me a scientific definition of what is the black hole, why it is a black hole, what constitutes the black hole and then he gave spiritual parallels explaining why he created the black hole and what it signifies in the spiritual rem. And I stood at the edge of the black hole to see how is it that light is not able to leave from the black hole. It is not light is able to proceed out but light is pulled back inside. When I saw, there are miles and miles of lights down within the black hole but the lights are not able to go upwards, they are going backwards. And that is a person who leaves himself. This was what happened to Lucifer. The morning star Lucifer – the giver of light. When he fell, all the light that was going out of him turned backwards and went inside him. That is why today he is called the prince of darkness. All the lights turned back inside him. So that the lights could no more shine out of him. Now, this is something you don’t want. That is why the Lord Jesus said, ‘let your light so shine that your Father in heaven may glorify in you’. Amen. My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, how can we walk with God? Seek him and he will be found. 2 Chronicles 15:2, Hebrews 11:6, he who wants to walk with God must please God. Seek the Lord God with all your heart. Psalms 119:10, 2 Chronicles 15:15 you know you don’t seek God for a while and you stop. This is our problem. The Lord Jesus Christ says, Seek and you shall find. In the original Greek language it is not written as seek. It says keep on seeking. It is a present continuous tense which means you keep on seeking until you find. Don’t stop until you get it. This is where you are missing the mark. We stop one day before we get a breakthrough, one day. This is a while we are losing it one day before, you can have a breakthrough but you give up and you say it is not God’s will that I have this blessings. This is a lie from the pit of hell and why you buy this lie because we are lazy. This is the bare naked simple truth. We are lazy, we are not pressing on. Among all the cultures in the world, the people group or culture that will have the most difficulties of getting a breakthrough with God is the western culture. Because you have been trained and taught molded to live in a microwave society. Rather, lately I have coined another term, a drive by society. You don’t have to go into McDonalds to sit and dine. You want to drive by the window because we have no time to wait. When you have no time to wait please tell me honestly why do you desire to see God? Why? You must bow your knees to heavens terms, not heaven bow down or condescend to your demands. Now let me repeat one more time. It is the absolute will of God to manifest himself to his people. In fact in 1991, I was fasting for 40 days in Cincinnati, Ohio and on the 37th day I had a visitation from God where I saw the ark of covenant just appeared before me and from within the cherubim’s wings a voice spoke to me. Read Exodus 30. So I quickly took my bible and read chapter 30. It talks about the furniture, the altar of incense that Moses was commanded to make. Then the voice spoke, it is the desire of God to manifest himself to his people. Every furniture in the tabernacle represents one aspect or one secret of prayer. If a believer will practice the 6 furniture which is the 6 steps of prayer, when he comes before the final furniture which is the ark of covenant, which represents waiting on God. He will see me face to face, I will see him face to face and he will see my glory. This I have written in my book called ‘prayer secrets in the tabernacle’ which is available at the book table. But at the end of this teaching there was something the Lord Jesus Christ said that astounded me and which had burned dead into my heart. He said, my desire to manifest himself to my people is greater than their desire to see me. I said, Lord, if this is true then, why it is not you are manifesting yourself to your people. Then the Lord Jesus said, my people have no time to wait on me. That is where we have pulled the plug off. The secret is there, waiting on God. Not in anything else. If this is the missing link then you want to learn how to avoid this missing link or how to patch it up so there will be no more missing link. And you and heaven are not light years apart but you and heaven are just neighbors. That is heaven’s desire. And this evening before Pastor Sweet came to pick me up I was just praying a quick prayer before I left. The Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me and said, ‘ Go and tell my people, in these last days before I pour out my glory I want to bless them with all the blessings that the Old testament saints had experienced. It is my desire that they walk with my Angels, they walk with my saints in Glory, they walk in the heavenly rem. It is my desire. See, as the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ draws nearer the body of the Christ is going to draw closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. So, if she is going to draw closer to the Lord Jesus Christ, then she is getting closer to heaven. If she is getting closer to heaven, then all the blessings that are attributed to those who walked with God, they are yours. When the Lord Jesus Christ was praying on the mountain, Moses and Elijah appeared to him, you read that in bible. This is not extra biblical. This in biblical and you read in Hebrews 12:1, we are surrounded with a great cloud of witnesses. What is that? These all biblical. This is not extra biblical. And you read in Matthew 27:52, that when the Lord Jesus Christ arose from the dead, all the graves in Israel opened and the saints arose in Glory and they walked into Jerusalem and they showed themselves to the people of Israel, which means they all saw Abraham, they all saw the patriarchs, and the prophets of the Old testament times. And none of them, you will never read in the bible mentioned, none of them cried it necromancy. My dear brothers and sisters, God is the God of the living. He is not the God of the dead. The Lord Jesus said that. He said, God is the God of the living. Those who have gone to glory they all living, they are not dead. We are not talking to the dead, it is the living. So, when we learn to walk with God, God desires that we become friends with whom we are going to live. Amen. Let us stand up for a vote of prayer: Come on, lift up your hearts to the living God. Holy father, I have spoken to your children all the words you put on my lips to speak to them. No I pray, as they will apply this in their hearts, Lord Jesus, there are many people here who before they came to this conference, some of them had fasted for 3 days, some of them had gone on a liquid fast for 7 days and many of them have sincerely prayed that they don’t want to come back unchanged and untouched. Even right now as I am praying, I see the heavens opened before me and from the glories in heaven, from the presence of the living God. I see a heavenly time warp extended or opened. He who will walk with me in white shall enter the land of the living. He who will embrace my flesh and my blood shall enter into the land of the living. He who shall be washed with my light shall enter into the land of the living. He who is willing to be with and transformed by the spirit of Glory shall enter into the land of the living. He who has ears to hear let him hear what the spirit is speaking to the church. Thank you wonderful Jesus, glorious Jesus. The Lord Jesus Christ shows me there are many of you who are here with uncircumcised hearts. You have not crucified your flesh. Some of you have been unwilling. You have hardened your heart against the moving of the Holy Spirit to crucify your flesh. And there are some people here still under the bondage of cigarettes. You know that will break off from it but you are finding it difficult to do it. So, you have accepted this witness. Let your glory light shine within their spirits, deep within their souls, deep within their flesh and deep within all that is within them that they may be made clean. Let every impurity be burned right now. Spirit of light shine into them. Let every darkness over their minds I command in Jesus name let there be light. Let it flow all within their hearts and brighten up. Every hidden darkness lord. Thank you wonderful Jesus, You are a good God. Your grace and mercy endures forever and ever. The Lord Jesus Christ tells me now. He that walks in light shall abide in light and my light will transform them, purify them and lighten their eyes to behold me in glory. Thank you Lord Jesus, thank you. O merciful gracious God, lift up your hands to the Lord Jesus Christ and bless the name of the living God who lives forever and ever for he is good, for he is merciful, he is kind. He is a good God. His grace and mercy endures forever and ever. And I pray Lord, all throughout the night you will perfect a good work within them. Even as they lay their bodies to sleep for the night, I pray that the light of your glory will begin to renew and transform them. Open the eyes of their understanding that you may speak to them through visions and dreams. And when they get up in the morning let your word speak to them Lord. Thank you Father. One more time lift up your holy hands and just bless the living God.